Great review of our Gadwall Jacket & Trousers

Check out the amazing review from of our Gadwall Jacket & Trousers.  Here are some of the positive points that Elliot has pointed out.

I loved the Gadwall straight out of the box before even trying it on. The Gadwall has some great features, including it’s waterproof and breathable membrane,¬†silent fabric and optional safety band (something I personally have not seen on other jackets).


Another feature that I really like is the knitted inner storm cuff. This helps prevent rain running down your arms when shooting and also keeps the sleeves in place when moving around, not to mention stopping a cold breeze! I also think it just gives a very snug, warm feeling when out and about in the field.


Sherwood have gone to great lengths to tick all the boxes with this jacket. When I first tried it on I spent the first five minutes finding more and more pockets on this thing.

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